Some More Scrapbooking

You can click on these to see them better 🙂

Those are the lyrics to that song WallE likes 🙂

Disneyland’s 55th anniversary, A Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour, Silly Symphony Swings opening, and World of Color opening and fastpass. The Yellow paper is the dress code for Club 33. I had to fold it because it was too big and there’s my Club 33 ticket below it.

A ticket for the Lilly Belle, my Price is right number card and part of a napkin from Club 33.

Katie, Jacobi and I. Miss you guys! Our favorite ride to ride together was Casey Jr.


Disneyland Scrapbook


























Incomplete pages:

Happy Birthday to me!

So it was my birthday on Monday and I came home to decorations my roommates made!

They’re owls!

And me and Grayson baked a carrot cake because I haven’t had it in forever. It’s messy, but it was delicious!

Old Stuff

So I started crocheting about a month ago. The very first thing I made was a yellow scarf, just when I was learning how to do it. Then I moved on to more adventurous things.

I made the baby booties for my cousin. They took me forever! I tried 3 different patterns before I found one I liked. Then, I couldn’t make two alike for the life of me. These two still aren’t perfect, but no one can tell but me apparently.

This guy was so fun to make and he turned out so cute! I named him Seamus.

I drew and painted this for my friend, Steffi. Lucifer is her favorite Disney character ever. I ended up painting the background a darker purple because it was too pastel-like for me. In total, it took me 5 hours to do.

Last picture for today:

These took a while because we had to place the almond slices one by one and rounding out caramel squares made our hands hurt. But these were a lot easier than the owl cupcakes Steffi and I made before. Wait, one more picture:

For these we had to separate oreos, heat up oreos, and cut oreos. Making their feathery faces took a while too.